Rim and Wheel Repair

Hup Cap Annie is Idaho premier rim and wheel repair specialist. We are your one-stop shop for wheel repair, replacement, straightening, refinishing and good advice about what to do for bent rims.

Hup Cap Annie is a full service wheel repair company. Our technicians straighten bent rims and repair all cosmetic wheel damage to aluminum rims, including scrapes, gouges, curb rash and discoloration from age.

The aluminum alloy rims used on most cars today are beautiful, but can be  fragile especially out on the Idaho streets where weather and road construction create some nasty rim impacts.  Hitting a pothole or a curb can bent or damaged an alloy rim.  The resulting damage can range for an annoying vibration or a warping of the wheel that can’t be felt, but will damage the wheel bearings.  What’s even more annoying is the cost of replacement for new rims.  If you’ve ever been quoted $200 or more for a new rim, Hub Cap Annie  is here to save you money while keeping your car looking sharp, while saving you money.

Our trained technicians fix hundreds of rims every month.  It why we  have a 100% guarantee that all rim repair work performed.  Our goal is to meet your expectations. Our wheel and rim repair equipment is state of the art CNC lathe that machine cuts within less the hair line.  This device can reshape the rim with exacting precision to factory specifications.

Wheel and Rim Service Specification

• 14” to 30” wheels
• Factory aluminum alloy
• Aftermarket aluminum alloy

Types of Rim and Wheel  Repair

• -Bends
• -Cracks
• -Chunks
• -Curb Rash

Chrome wheels – Please Call

• We can fix cracks and bends on chrome wheels including repairs to front lips on chrome wheels without destroying the chrome finish.
• If you need it to be redip in chrome please call us for pricing

Cost Effective Wheel Rim Repair Pricing

The cost depends on the type of wheel or rim to be repaired.  Other factors include condition and size.  The average cost for wheel repair can run between $85 and $200.   Also, forhigher end wheels  the price can be significantly higher.  However, for high end rims at $400 to $600 plus for new rim replacement, Hub Cap Annie is a fraction of the new cost replacement.   If you are from out of town, please send us a picture of your rim or wheel and we can provide an estimate by phone or email.  Please send your request  to hcannie@gmail.com.

Rim and Wheel Refinishing

Call us for wheel refinishing options and quotes at 208 888 0025.